Doing things

I hate listenig things like "Madrid is much better than my town, because they organize a lot of things".

This is a complete conceptual error. The problem is not that few things were organized in your town; the problem is that you are not organizing them.

It is too easy complaining about other people who does nothing, but the first step is to focus on the things you do.

It is so easy to complain about the difficulty of it, but it is difficult for other people too.

Another excuse is to say that there is no interested people, but you didn't try to check if it is true or not.

There is an error to think that the first step is to join a lot of people and to begin doing things. This is a beautiful way to find another person to delegate the work. You must to be more proactive.

The real correct way of doing things is to do them with good mood. If you have an idea, take it into practice. If it works, you will be successfull; if it doesn't, you will be able to look after and be proud to have make the try. If somebody likes it, he will follow you. If somebody see decission and good mood, he will have them too.

We must organize more activities there where there are no one !!


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