Once upon a time, there were a web page very interesting titled Debian Package of the Day.

All of their articles were lost. I'm trying to recover as much as I can. They may be incomplete.

Please, if you have any of them or you were the author of it, tell me

Thank you a lot.

Really the idea began before of that. Here you can see the first post at Debaday, titled "Hello, World", by "lucas":

I've decided to try to resurrect Debian Package a Day. It was originally created by Andrew Sweger, then David Moreno Garza gave it another try, but both blogs stopped after some time. Another blog is still active, but autogenerates its entries using the packages' descriptions, so it's less interesting.

So here is a third attempt. To prevent this blog from following its ancestors, here is what changes:

  • I'll try to make this a collaborative work by having a team of editors. If you can dedicate time on a regular basis to this, please join the team. If you can't, please send us new entries about the packages you use. Read the Contribute page for more info.
  • The posting frequency will depend on how much entries we have in the queue. We will target a posting frequency of twice a week, so we won't get kicked out of Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu :-)

Everything is not totally read yet:

We have to wait until DNS propagates our new name (if you can read this, it's probably OK now).

We have to get on Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu.

Someone has to submit an entry we can publish, or we could write one. But it would be so much better to start the collaborative way :-)

  • Update (08/12/06)* : Debian Package of the Day won't be added on Planet Debian: a recent discussion concluded that non-personal blogs should not be on Planet Debian. So you have to subscribe directly to "its feed": (if you read Planet Ubuntu, you probably don’t need to, since it was added there).


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