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Empowering Developers – The Next Generation Coder

By Sven Peters on 2015-01-05

Culture Code

I’m going to a lot of software development conferences and working in some program committees trying to select sessions about the hottest new trends. If you do this for a few years you see hypes come & go like SOA, ESB, MapReduce, BPM and so on. But once in a while there is a revolution […]

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ArchLinux, Android, MTP

By yamila on 2015-01-05

Tutorials, android, archlinux, mtp

Simple protip to connect new Androids to the computer, with the MTP (media transfer protocol). 1. Install libmtp from official repositories 2. Install siple-mtpfs from AUR repositories 3. To use it, as a non-superuser: $ simple-mtpfs /path/to/mount $ cd /path/to/mount … Continue reading

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Interview on internet privacy with Erik Dörnenburg, Ola Bini, and Tim Bray

On 2015-01-05

At goto Aarhus this year, there was a theme on internet privacy. Tim Bray gave a keynote on the state of browsers which touched on this issue and later gave a full conference talk on the state of internet privacy and security. Erik Dörnenburg and I gave a keynote explaining why we feel it is the responsibility of developers to defeat mass surveillance. Our colleague Ola Bini, who is very active in the internet security world himself, felt this was a good opportunity to get all of us together to discuss these issues in an interview.

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An example of preparatory refactoring

On 2015-01-05

There are various ways in which refactoring can fit into our programming workflow. One useful notion is that of Preparatory Refactoring. This is where I'm adding a new feature, and I see that the existing code is not structured in such a way that makes adding the feature easy. So first I refactor the code into the structure that makes it easy to add the feature, or as Kent Beck pithily put it "make the change easy, then make the easy change".

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GoogleOff (I): Geocaching and cgeo

By yamila on 2015-01-06

Tutorials, android, googleOff, motivation, my modus, open source

Some time ago, I saw I had some important aspects depending on third party applications. Propietary applications in many cases, with some important data. For instance, Flickr (I have lost two accounts in Flickr after the integration with Yahoo), Dropbox, … Continue reading

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Sensu - Host Masquerading

On 2015-01-08

A key part of monitoring infrastructure involves having the ability to monitor things that we can’t necessarily install a monitoring client on: switches and other network devices, external services and websites, etc..

In Nagios it’s pretty common to group active checks under virtual hosts that don’t really exist to create logical sets of checks. Sensu doesn’t yet have this ability.

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DDD Paradoxes

By Carlos Ble on 2015-01-10


I read Eric Evans' book on DDD years ago and fall asleep with it. Didn't really took much value from it. Last year I read Vaughn Vernon's book on IDDD and I found it more interesting because of the code examples but still too abstract. Too much prose, too thick. One problem with both books […]

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