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DDD: Entity or Value Object?

By Carlos Ble on 2015-01-11


Depending on the context certain concept may be modeled as an entity or as a value. It could be both in different bounded contexts. To me, good heuristics to choose between entities and values are life cycle and mutability. Values are immutable, represent constants. A color is a good example (thanks Alfredo). If color changes […]

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Cambiando de piel

By Joaquin Engelmo Moriche on 2015-01-12


¡Madre mía, blog nuevo! :)

Mucho ha pasado desde la última vez que escribía un post, era incluso una plataforma de blogging diferente. El antiguo blog no ha desaparecido, simplemente lo he metido en el baúl de los recuerdos pero ahí está.

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Bliki: DiversityMediocrityIllusion

On 2015-01-13


I've often been involved in discussions about deliberately increasing the diversity of a group of people. The most common case in software is increasing the proportion of women. Two examples are in hiring and conference speaker rosters where we discuss trying to get the proportion of women to some level that's higher than usual. A common argument against pushing for greater diversity is that it will lower standards, raising the spectre of a diverse but mediocre group.

To understand why this is an illusionary concern, I like to consider a little thought experiment. Imagine a giant bucket that contains a hundred thousand marbles. You know that 10% of these marbles have a special sparkle that you can see when you carefully examine them. You also know that 80% of these marbles are blue and 20% pink, and that sparkles exist evenly across both colors [1]. If you were asked to pick out ten sparkly marbles, you know you could confidently go through some and pick them out. So now imagine you're told to pick out ten marbles such that five were blue and five were pink.

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Testing on the Toilet: Prefer Testing Public APIs Over Implementation-Detail Classes

By Google Testing Bloggers (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-01-14

Andrew Trenk, TotT

by Andrew Trenk

This article was adapted from a Google Testing on the Toilet (TotT) episode. You can download a printer-friendly version of this TotT episode and post it in your office.

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Slippery Slope

By yamila on 2015-01-14


I came from winter holidays and wanted to share some photos in my travel blog. That triggered a chain reaction with a series of unfortunate events… TL;DR: Check this repo; simple usage of 500px. So I wanted to add a … Continue reading

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Objetivos para 2015

By David on 2015-01-14


Como siempre, el año nuevo es una excusa tan buena como cualquier otra para repasar lo que hemos hecho y darnos la oportunidad de pensar durante un instante si es lo que queremos seguir haciendo.

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Upcoming Events In The Knowledge Graph

By Google Webmaster Central (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-01-15

Webmaster level: all

Last year, we launched a new way for musical artists to list their upcoming events on Google: schema.org markup on their official websites. Now we’re expanding this program in four ways:

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New Structured Data Testing Tool, documentation, and more

By Google Webmaster Central (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-01-15

Webmaster level: all

Structured data markup helps your content get discovered in search results and across Google properties. We’re excited to share several updates to help you author and publish markup on your website:

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