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Install a Plastic server on Raspberry Pi

By pablo (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-02-01


Installing a Plastic SCM server on a small Raspberry box is a straightforward process. Once you get Mono setup, you can download our “zip server distro” and get it up and running in seconds.

This blogpost explains the process step by step.

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Your Django Story: Meet Magdalena Noffke

By anna-oz on 2015-02-02

This is a post in our Your Django Story series where we highlight awesome ladies who work with Django. Read more about it here.

Magdalena is a Python and web developer from Berlin. She is very interested in open data, data visualization and civic tech. For about a year she has been organizing the OK Lab Berlin, which is a weekly meeting for developers, designers and other people who are interested in building great apps that help citizens to interact with administration.


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The First Annual Testing on the Toilet Awards

By Google Testing Bloggers (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-02-03

Andrew Trenk, TotT

By Andrew Trenk

The Testing on the Toilet (TotT) series was created in 2006 as a way to spread unit-testing knowledge across Google by posting flyers in bathroom stalls. It quickly became a part of Google culture and is still going strong today, with new episodes published every week and read in hundreds of bathrooms by thousands of engineers in Google offices across the world. Initially focused on content related to testing, TotT now covers a variety of technical topics, such as tips on writing cleaner code and ways to prevent security bugs.

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Developing browser extensions: why and how

By TuentiDev on 2015-02-03

Joaquín Engelmo, Software Engineer

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Integrating Plastic SCM with Slack

By Josué Yeray (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-02-03

As you know Plastic SCM has awesome features built in but it is challenging to address users every need in a product of this type. So with that in mind, Codice Software created an automation layer called CmdRunner that allows you to easily and quickly query large amounts of information. The best way to show you how this works will be by example so we have chosen to integrate Plastic SCM with the Slack Bot API. We will use this example throughout this document to demonstrate all of the steps necessary to perform this integration.

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Laravel 5 - Alle Neuerungen im Überblick

On 2015-02-04

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Tuenti for Android TV

By TuentiDev on 2015-02-04

Pedro Vicente Gómez Sánchez, Senior Software Engineer

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Bliki: DataLake

On 2015-02-05


Data Lake is a term that's appeared in this decade to describe an important component of the data analytics pipeline in the world of Big Data. The idea is to have a single store for all of the raw data that anyone in an organization might need to analyze. Commonly people use Hadoop to work on the data in the lake, but the concept is broader than just Hadoop.

When I hear about a single point to pull together all the data an organization wants to analyze, I immediately think of the notion of the data warehouse (and data mart [1]). But there is a vital distinction between the data lake and the data warehouse. The data lake stores raw data, in whatever form the data source provides. There is no assumptions about the schema of the data, each data source can use whatever schema it likes. It's up to the consumers of that data to make sense of that data for their own purposes.

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