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Sobre la transparencia y los tests hechos por desarrolladores

By admin on 2015-09-20

Agile, Good Software, Kanban, Project Management, VSN

Hace poco me contaron que un CEO de nuestra competencia vio un vídeo en Youtube diciendo que no teníamos equipo de QA. El vídeo en cuestión es la charla que di para el Lean Kanban South Europe 2015. […]

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D-Bus now launches user buses

By Jan Steffens on 2015-09-20

The packages systemd 226-1 plus dbus 1.10.0-3 now launch dbus-daemon once per user; all sessions of a user will share the same D-Bus "session" bus. The pam_systemd module ensures that the right DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is set at login.

This also permits dbus-daemon to defer to systemd for activation instead of spawning server processes itself. However, currently this is not commonly used for session services (as opposed to system services).

kdbus will only support this model, so this is also an opportunity to iron out some bugs and make a future transition to kernel buses easier. Please let us know of any issues.

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AWS outage: How Netflix weathered the storm by preparing for the worst

By Nick Heath on 2015-09-21

Despite being run entirely from AWS' cloud platform the online streaming giant Netflix reports a quick recovery from Sunday's disruption - demonstrating the importance of its approach of building cloud-based systems to "fail".

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Por qué odio Windows

By Miguel Ángel García on 2015-09-21

Hay quien aún me tacha de radical. Y es cierto que cuando acabé la Universidad lo era en gran medida, pero ha llovido mucho desde entonces.

En estos tiempos que corren es difícil ser radical. Si se quiere avanzar, a veces es necesario trabajar con tecnologías que te desagradan. Todo forma parte del desarrollo.

He estado sin usar Windows durante años y ahora he tenido que volver. Al principio sentía curiosidad por ver cómo había progresado en todos estos años, sobre todo escuchando a amigos pro-windows.

Y éstas son mis conclusiones.

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Microsoft's Linux-based cloud OS scores a win for SDN

By Janakiram MSV on 2015-09-22

The Linux-based Azure Cloud Switch marks Microsoft's entry into open source SDN territory. Our analyst says SDN gets the win.

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Hybrid cloud is no solution to AWS unreliability

By Keith Townsend on 2015-09-22

In light of the recent AWS outage, Keith Townsend explores the value of hybrid cloud vs. public cloud.

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Trello: Your digital replacement for sticky notes and whiteboards?

By Conner Forrest on 2015-09-23

Collaboration and management app Trello recently hit a milestone of 10 million users and released some new integrations for its business tier. Here's how it can help you get work done.

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AWS storage offerings just got a lot more attractive

By Janakiram MSV on 2015-09-23

Feature enhancements and price cuts to AWS S3 and Storage Gateway put AWS further ahead of its competitors.

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Helping hacked sites with reconsideration requests

By Google Webmaster Central (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-09-23

hacked sites, webmaster guidelines

Thus far in 2015 we have seen a 180% increase in the number of sites getting hacked and a 300% increase in hacked site reconsideration requests. While we are working hard to help webmasters prevent hacks in the first place through efforts such as blog posts and #NoHacked campaigns, we recognize that our reconsideration process is an important part of making recovering from a hack faster and easier. Here's what we've been focussing on:

1) Improved communication

2) Better tools

3) Continuous feedback loop

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Moving from SVN to Plastic SCM - How we did the migration at Surgical Science

By Göran W. (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-09-24

git, migration, svn

Hi there! My name is Göran Wallgren and I was invited to write this guest blog post to share how we switched our version control system from SVN into Plastic SCM. I work at Surgical Science (Sweden), where we have been developing products for medical simulation training for more than 15 years.


We started out using CVS for version control, and then migrated into SVN (Subversion) and TortoiseSVN almost 10 years ago. In summer 2015 we finally decided to migrate into Plastic SCM. Besides the advanced merging and handling of large binary files, one of our main reasons for choosing Plastic over Git or Mercurial was that it can work both centralized and distributed (DVCS), which made the switch from SVN easier. The changeset numbering scheme is also closely resembling the one in SVN. At the point of migration, we had close to 28000 revisions from 14 years of code and data history in our main SVN repository (ca 20 GB). We wanted to keep all revisions from trunk but decided to leave out inactive branches in the import and also to split some parts into separate repositories in Plastic. In the end, this left us with a bit over 17000 imported changesets in the main Plastic repo.

Migration would have to go via Git, since Plastic won't import directly from SVN. Earlier, one had to use Git fast-export and Plastic fast-import which had some issues (mainly since Git does not log directory removals in the fast-export file). However, that has all changed with the Plastic GitSync feature that means Plastic SCM can now speak directly with Git over the HTTP/HTTPS and GIT protocols.

Besides the actual import of the data, we needed to find ways to replace some of the features we had been using in SVN, mainly svn:externals and the SubWCRev tool from TortoiseSVN. At the end of this post we'll give some useful tips regarding this.

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Everyone is potentially a teacher

By Carlos Ble on 2015-09-24

Software Development

In order to learn from others I must trust them and open my mind enough to see them as potential teachers even if  they are - apparently - less experienced than me in certain knowledge area. The lessons to be learned may not necessarily come from the things others say or do but from the […]

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XP Team Building

By Carlos Ble on 2015-09-24


Let the team walk its path Every team walks at its own pace and I haven't found a way to speed it up myself, I don't think there is one regardless of whether you are an external coach or a regular member of the team. Trying to push the team will screw up the work […]

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