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Address hybrid cloud management from the get-go to sidestep costly IT silo mistakes

By Brian Taylor on 2015-09-28

HotLink CEO Lynn LeBlanc offers advice on managing hybrid IT, transforming your data center, and getting started in tech entrepreneurship.

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First Click Free update

By Google Webmaster Central (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-09-29

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Around ten years ago when we introduced a policy called “First Click Free,” it was hard to imagine that the always-on, multi-screen, multiple device world we now live in would change content consumption so much and so fast. The spirit of the First Click Free effort was - and still is - to help users get access to high quality news with a minimum of effort, while also ensuring that publishers with a paid subscription model get discovered in Google Search and via Google News.

In 2009, we updated the FCF policy to allow a limit of five articles per day, in order to protect publishers who felt some users were abusing the spirit of this policy. Recently we have heard from publishers about the need to revisit these policies to reflect the mobile, multiple device world. Today we are announcing a change to the FCF limit to allow a limit of three articles a day. This change will be valid on both Google Search and Google News.

Google wants to play its part in connecting users to quality news and in connecting publishers to users. We believe the FCF is important in helping achieve that goal, and we will periodically review and update these policies as needed so they continue to benefit users and publishers alike. We are listening and always welcome feedback.

Questions and answers about First Click Free

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50% De Descuento Por 5 Días Para Que Comiences Tu Aplicación Para Android

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-09-30

Recientemente hemos cerrado un acuerdo con Oja.la, plataforma de educación digital, con mentores personales y más de 320 cursos sobre desarrollo en Android, para ofrecerte, por ser lector de El Baúl del Programador, un descuento del 50% durante los próximos 5 días para cualquier curso elegido.

Para aprovechar el descuento inscríbe tus datos aquí y un asesor de Oja.la se comunicará contigo: REGISTRARSE AQUÍ

Oja.la ofrece 4 opciones de pago:

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IBM builds a service to help you know who to trust in the cloud

By Nick Heath on 2015-10-01

Networking experts create an experimental system to offer better security in the promiscuous world of the cloud.

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Microsoft Azure adds impressive security, container, IoT, and file-sharing features

By Janakiram MSV on 2015-10-02

Microsoft Azure customers got lots of good news at AzureCon. Get the lowdown on the cloud platform's new and enhanced features and services.

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10 ways Microsoft Office 2016 could improve your productivity

By Mark Kaelin on 2015-10-02

Microsoft wants Office 2016 to be the last office productivity suite you will ever need. Here are 10 things you should know about how it plans to make that happen.

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