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By Miguel Ángel García on 2015-11-22

Pues al final me he decidido a escribir una Newsletter o, en castellano, un boletín.

Aquí os cuento de qué trata y qué contendrá.

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Peak Fibre Channel

By tonybourke on 2015-11-23

Always Be Learning, Attempts at Humor, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Storage, Virtualization, VMware

There have been several articles talking about the death of Fibre Channel. This isn’t one of them. However, it is an article about “peak Fibre Channel”. I think, as a technology, Fibre Channel is in the process of (if it hasn’t already) peaking. There’s a lot of technology in IT that doesn’t simply die. Instead, it […]

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El módulo "tracemalloc" (PyConES 2015)

By jcea@jcea.es (Jesus Cea) on 2015-11-23

Charla, Python

Presentación PyConES 2015.

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'Embedding' de Python en otras aplicaciones (PyConES 2015)

By jcea@jcea.es (Jesus Cea) on 2015-11-23

Charla, Python

Presentación PyConES 2015.

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Pro tip: Access all your cloud accounts from one location on Android

By Jack Wallen on 2015-11-24

Tired of navigating between various cloud apps on your Android device? If so, Jack Wallen shows how to centralize all your cloud accounts with the help of ES File Explorer.

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Learning with Peter

By Carlos Ble on 2015-11-24

Agile, aida, Clean code, Software Development

Last week I was lucky to host my good friend Peter Kofler in his visit to Gran Canaria, where he came to facilitate the Glodal Day of Code Retreat and also to work together a couple of days in our biggest project at the moment. We've been working in the same project for a year […]

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By guadatech on 2015-11-25

Sin categoría, networking, Python, Viajes

  El pasado fin de semana parte del equipo de Guadatech se desplazó a Valencia para asistir a la PyConEs 2015, el encuentro anual de aficionados y profesionales del lenguaje de programación Python que en el 2013 se celebró en...

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Predix Cloud can improve healthcare efficiency, patient outcomes says GE Healthcare CIO Daphne Jones

By Amy Talbott on 2015-11-25

When connected with Predix Cloud, common devices in hospitals become sources of massive amounts of data. In a video interview, Jones tells TechRepublic about how that data can help providers.

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Feeding Forward: Using tech to help feed the hungry

By Will Kelly on 2015-11-25

Feeding Forward, a food waste management platform, shows how mobile, the cloud, and real-time technologies can revolutionize the fight against hunger.

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The Programmer's Oath

On 2015-11-25

Agile-Related, success

Bob Martin has published the Programmer's Oath. What do I think about that? The answer may surprise you.

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Escuela de Ciencia y Tecnología de Pulpí

By guadatech on 2015-11-26

Sin categoría, Arduino, Astronomia, Didactica, Edición_3D, formacion, Impresora_3D, Matematicas, Minecraft, Programación, Robotica, Scratch, Thymio

Por segundo año consecutivo  Guadatech se ha hecho cargo del Taller Municipal de Ciencia y Tecnología de Pulpí. En él , gracias al apoyo prestado por el Ayuntamiento de Pulpí y la confianza mostrada por las familias , se da...

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Prelude to a Profession

On 2015-11-27

In my previous blog, The Programmer's Oath, I introduced the concept of an ethical oath for programmers. In this article I want to provide the rationale for this oath. Why do I think the concept of an oath is important?

Many programmers are likely to respond negatively to the idea of an oath. A few year ago I would have been strongly against it as well. An oath implies a surrender of freedom. An oath implies a lack of trust. An oath implies that programmers must have limits. And we, being a traditionally independent breed, don't like the idea of such constraints. We want to be left alone to do what is right in our own eyes.

And besides, there is no real consensus amongst programmers. We disagree on languages, on editors, on disciplines, on testing, on documentation on process, and much more. How can such an unruly, independent bunch ever find enough common ground to define an oath?

But the social and political landscape has recently changed very dramatically. I now believe that we are on the threshold of a crisis of confidence that, if allowed to proceed unchecked, will profoundly and negatively change our industry. To preserve our freedom of action, our independence, our authority and self direction, there are certain promises we need to make to society at large.

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More on Uncle Bob's Oath

On 2015-11-27

Agile-Related, tdd

Going too far is quite difficult to do.

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Crear un entorno de desarrollo para WordPress con Git, Capistrano y Wp-Deploy

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-11-27

Invítanos a un café usando nuestro enlace de afiliados de Amazon (Si vives en España) (Sin coste adicional en compras) o a través de paypal O con Google Contributor

<img src="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/images/hotlink-ok/CREAR-UN-ENTORNO-DE-DESARROLLO-PARA-WORDPRESS-CON-GIT-CAPISTRANO-Y-WP-DEPLOY.png"/>

Nunca es buena idea realizar cambios a un sitio web sin haberlos probado de antemano, hasta asegurarnos que funcionan correctamente. Para ello, lo habitual es tener una copia local de la web, probarlos y luego aplicar los cambios en el sitio real. Sin embargo, muchas veces hay cosas que funcionan el local y no en la web.

<a href="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/crear-un-entorno-de-desarrollo-para-wordpress-con-git-capistrano-y-wp-deploy/" target="_blank"><strong>Seguir leyendo.</strong></a>

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Nueva Guía: System Administration & Security - Salary & Skills Report

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-11-27

Invítanos a un café usando nuestro enlace de afiliados de Amazon (Si vives en España) (Sin coste adicional en compras) o a través de paypal O con Google Contributor

<img src="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/images/Nueva-Guía:-System-Administration-&-Security-Salary-&-Skills-Report.jpg"/>

This kit will tell you what you need to know to earn more in system administration and security. Diverse and rapidly changing, network administration and security is the backbone of the 21st century workplace. What are the essential skills of the modern sysadmin? Does it pay to specialize, or go polyglot? Which tech is the overwhelming top pick in the world of configuration management?

<a href="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/nueva-guia-system-administration-and-security-salary-and-skills-report/" target="_blank"><strong>Seguir leyendo.</strong></a>

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PyConES 2015: DjangoGirls workshop

By yamila on 2015-11-28

Open source, Tutorials, django, djangogirls, motivation, open source, pycones, python

Last november 20th in Valencia, an amazing DjangoGirls took place. It was the first day of PyConES and I don’t think it could have started better. After three months of organization, all students and coaches were finally meeting in person … Continue reading

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#Codemotion2015 - Navega con el Piloto Automático con CasperJS

By Adolfo Sanz De Diego (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-11-28

2015, casperjs, codemotion, eventos, javascript, scripts


Codemotion 2015 - Navega con el Piloto Automático con CasperJS [SLIDES]


Codemotion 2015 - Navega con el Piloto Automático con CasperJS [CÓDIGO]

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Nueva Guía: The Essentials of Information Security Kit

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-11-28

Invítanos a un café usando nuestro enlace de afiliados de Amazon (Si vives en España) (Sin coste adicional en compras) o a través de paypal O con Google Contributor

<img src="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/images//hotlink-ok/The-Essentials-of-Information-Security-Kit.jpg"/>

Essentials of Information Security brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Information Security related decisions.

<a href="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/nueva-gua-the-essentials-of-information-security-kit/" target="_blank"><strong>Seguir leyendo.</strong></a>

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Codemotion 2015

By Joaquin Engelmo Moriche on 2015-11-29

testing, talks, codemotion

Este año tuve el gran honor de participar otra vez en el mejor evento técnico, en mi opinión, del panorama nacional, Codemotion. Antes de empezar quería dar las gracias a todos los asistenes a mi charla porque fue algo increible ver la sala llena, no me lo esperaba para nada y Nacho Coloma lo sabe :D Y mil gracias también por todo el feedback recibido que me ayudará muchísimo a ir mejorando el contenido y enfocarla correctamente. <3 a todos :)

En vez de publicar simplemente las slides de mi charla he preferido crear este post recopilando varias cosas. Algunos asistenes me pidieron si podía poner también alguna referencia al capítulo 1 de la historia que intento ir contando con estas charlas de Story of a healthy addiction y aquí pondré tanto el vídeo de la conferencia donde la conté por primera vez y la versión más actualizada de las slides. Como vais a ver han ido evolucionando mucho las slides y eso acabará pasando con la charla que di en el Codemotion de este año.

Y no me enrollo más, aquí va, Story of a healty addiction:

  • Chapter 1, Tuenti <3 Testing

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