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Management in Agile

On 2015-12-06

Agile-Related, SAFe, success

Some tweets inspire me to write a bit about management in Agile.

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LetsEncrypt NGiNX Quick Start

On 2015-12-06

NGiNX support for the Lets Encrypt letsencrypt-auto tool is not yet stable, here are some instrucions on how to get up and running with LetsEncrypt when using NGiNX.

NGiNX Static Content Server

Start a web server with a config like:

server {
    listen      80;
    server_name www.dust.cx dust.cx;
    location / { root /var/www/dust.cx; autoindex on; }

Certificate Request

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Pro tip: use “Plastic drive” in big refactors

By pablo (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-12-07

I’m going to explain how I take advantage of Plastic Drive to help during code refactors.

What is Plastic Drive

In case you don’t know, it is just a way to “mount” the contents of a changeset as a Windows Drive. It is a “readonly” mount, so it is not like a real workspace. But it is useful to browse code using your favorite tools (Visual Studio in my case).

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The VTech Data Breach And Exploding Teddy Bears

By support@scriptrock.com (ScriptRock) on 2015-12-07

What's the difference? The former offers no legal recourse, at least for now. Just in case you've been de-sensitized by the recent ongoing barrage of security compromises, the latest data breach involving electronics and educational toy manufacturer VTech is sure to instill new fear in the hearts of parental consumers, putting at stake the one thing they arguably hold nearest and dearest: the safety of their children.

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Django no encuentra las CSS del módulo Admin

By Miguel Ángel García on 2015-12-07

django admin static css

No es la primera vez que pierdo un montón de tiempo para conseguir que Django me sirva los estáticos en producción, aunque sólo sea los del módulo Admin, así que he decidido escribir un post para no olvidarme.

Aunque servir estáticos con Django está desaconsejado por la propia documentación, ya que puede ser inseguro e ineficiente, yo lo encuentro muy útil para servir los estáticos del módulo Admin.

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Recursos de mi "Curso de GIT, GitHub y Markdown"

By Adolfo Sanz De Diego (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-12-07

2015, curso, git, github, markdown, recursos

Hoy enlazo las slides de mi "Curso de GIT, GitHub y Markdown" cuyo contenido es el siguiente:

  1. Acerca de
  2. Introducción
  3. Uso básico de Git
  4. Uso básico de GitHub
  5. Uso avanzado de Git
  6. Uso avanzado de GitHub
  7. Markdown

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Cloud security risks: Is your industry safe?

By Conner Forrest on 2015-12-08

As cloud adoption continues to rise, organizations must protect themselves from the threats that come with it. Research from CloudLock breaks it down by industry.

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Can the cloud really do it all? Tech chiefs aren't convinced

By Steve Ranger on 2015-12-08

Don't put it all in the cloud: some things really are better off under your own roof according to TechRepublic's exclusive poll of tech execs.

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Kanban isn't Agile. What about Scrum?

On 2015-12-08


Some twitter leftovers got me comparing Scrum and [Kk]anban. Are they Agile?

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GTAC 2015 Wrap Up

By Google Testing Bloggers (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-12-08

GTAC, Lesley Katzen, Michael Klepikov

by Michael Klepikov and Lesley Katzen on behalf of the GTAC Committee

The ninth GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) was held on November 10-11 at the Google Cambridge office, the “Hub” of innovation. The conference was completely packed with presenters and attendees from all over the world, from industry and academia, discussing advances in test automation and the test engineering computer science field, bringing with them a huge diversity of experiences. Speakers from numerous companies and universities (Applitools, Automattic, Bitbar, Georgia Tech, Google, Indian Institute of Science, Intel, LinkedIn, Lockheed Martin, MIT, Nest, Netflix, OptoFidelity, Splunk, Supersonic, Twitter, Uber, University of Waterloo) spoke on a variety of interesting and cutting edge test automation topics.

All presentation videos and slides are posted on the Video Recordings and Presentations pages. All videos have professionally transcribed closed captions, and the YouTube descriptions have the slides links. Enjoy and share!

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Continuous Delivery Patterns Quick Reference

By Brian Whipple on 2015-12-09

Blog, Continuous Delivery

If you haven’t checked out our whitepaper on Continuous Delivery Patterns for Design and Deployment then we highly recommend you go do so now. The whitepaper highlights 10 popular continuous delivery patterns and is a great resource for development teams learning the ins-and-outs of continuous delivery. Download the whitepaper now! This blog is pulled from … Continue reading Continuous Delivery Patterns Quick Reference

The post Continuous Delivery Patterns Quick Reference appeared first on Cycligent.com/blog.

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DevOps Year in Review 2015

By support@scriptrock.com (ScriptRock) on 2015-12-09

There can be absolutely no question anymore that DevOps isn't just a fad—it's here to stay, it's a big deal, and it's coming to the enterprise. Speakers from relatively new companies like SurveyMonkey and Docker took the stage at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco alongside old standards like IBM and General Electric to prove that the transition to a DevOps culture in established enterprises is not only possible, but probably inevitable.

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Introducing Friction-Free DevOps from Docker and… HP?

By support@scriptrock.com (ScriptRock) on 2015-12-10

As you may recall, earlier last month HP completed its division into two parts: an enterprise focused products/services entity—HP Enterprise (HPE)—and a personal computing/printing firm known as HP, Inc. CEO Meg Whitman gave a nod to DevOps-enabled organizations such as Vimeo and Uber at the initial announcement of the split half a year ago at HP’s Discover conference, presumably setting the course for a newly DevOps-focused HPE in helping companies scale ideas to valuation. How does an IT giant go about transforming itself from an aged enterprise monolith to an agile, open, service-oriented solutions provider for today's business IT environments?

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Nueva Guía: 5 Ways Zenith Insurance Are Using Predictive Analytics to Leverage Big Data

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-12-10

Invítanos a un café usando nuestro enlace de afiliados de Amazon (Si vives en España) (Sin coste adicional en compras) o a través de paypal O con Google Contributor

<img src="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/images/hotlink-ok/5-Ways-Zenith-Insurance-Are-Using-Predictive-Analytics-to-Leverage-BigData.jpg"/>

This exclusive interview looks at the ways in which predictive analytics will affect five key areas of the insurance industry.

<a href="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/nueva-guia-5-ways-zenith-insurance-are-using-predictive-analytics-to-leverage-big-data/" target="_blank"><strong>Seguir leyendo.</strong></a>

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C++ ABI change

By Evangelos Foutras on 2015-12-10

GCC 5.x contains libstdc++ with dual ABI support and we have now switched to the new ABI.

While the old C++ ABI is still available, it is recommended that you build all non-repo packages to have the new ABI. This is particularly important if they link to another library built against the new ABI. You can get a list of packages to rebuild using the following shell script:


while read pkg; do
    mapfile -t files < <(pacman -Qlq $pkg | grep -v /$)
    grep -Fq libstdc++.so.6 "${files[@]}" <&- 2>/dev/null && echo $pkg
done < <(pacman -Qmq)

(Original announcement text by Allan McRae [link])

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PyConES 2015 and a keynote: the power of a story

By yamila on 2015-12-11

General, diversity, pycones, python

Back in february Juanlu offered me the chance of giving a keynote at PyConES 2015. After the initial shock, I said yes. Next morning, I realized what had happened, but it was too late for me to say no. And … Continue reading

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Dominios con AWS Route 53

By Miguel Ángel García on 2015-12-11


Recientemente he comenzado a utilizar AWS Route 53. Como era novato, la lié parda y me ha costado bastante reestablecer los valores necesarios para que funcione, pero me ha servido para aprender por el camino :)

Aquí voy a contar cómo hacer lo que he necesitado: gestionar un dominio con AWS Route 53 sin utilizar el hosting de Amazon.

Si no estáis interesados en Route 53 pero sí en cómo comprobar vuestro dominio, podéis saltar directamente a la sección "Comprobando nuestro dominio".

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Actualización Del Curso De Android

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-12-11

Invítanos a un café usando nuestro enlace de afiliados de Amazon (Si vives en España) (Sin coste adicional en compras) o a través de paypal O con Google Contributor

<img src="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/images/2014/01/iconoAndroid.png"/>

Hacía mucho tiempo que tenía pendiente escribir este artículo. Años atrás tuve que crear un curso de Android básico para impartirlo en una academia. Mi idea era integrarlo con el curso de Android disponible en el blog desde hace unos años, pero como suele pasar, se va dejando y dejando... Aunque no esté publicando en el blog estos meses, sí que estoy escribiendo bastante (El curso de criptogrfía por ejemplo).

<a href="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/android/actualizacion-del-curso-de-android/" target="_blank"><strong>Seguir leyendo.</strong></a>

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Nueva Guía: Computer and Hacking Forensics - FREE Video Training Course

By Alejandro Alcalde (contacto@elbauldelprogramador.com) on 2015-12-12

<img src="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/images/hotlink-ok/Computer-and-Hacking-Forensics---FREE-Video-Training-Course.jpg"/>

Learn how to determine potential online criminal activity, legally gather evidence, search and investigate wireless attacks.

<a href="http://elbauldelprogramador.com/nueva-guia-computer-and-hacking-forensics-free-video-training-course/" target="_blank"><strong>Seguir leyendo.</strong></a>

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Dropping Plasma 4

By Antonio Rojas on 2015-12-12

Since the KDE 4 desktop has been unmaintained for several months and it's becoming increasingly difficult to support two versions of Plasma, we are removing it from our repositories. Plasma 5.5 has just been released and should be stable enough to replace it.

KDE 4 installations will not be automatically upgraded to Plasma 5. However, we recommend all users to upgrade or switch to a maintained alternative as soon as possible, since any future update may break the KDE 4 desktop without prior notice. See the wiki for instructions on how to upgrade to Plasma 5.

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Book Review. How Google Works. Eric Schmidt

By Eduardo Ferro Aldama (noreply@blogger.com) on 2015-12-13

apprenticeship, Libros, Vida De informático

This book contains some interesting facts about how Google, as a company, works, but IMHO only the first half is interesting, the rest is a bit repetitive.

The book contains many anecdotes, but many of them are not interesting or simply repeat a concept already discussed previously.

Entertaining but I have not learned as much as intended.

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